MAC - Mobile Aquatic Chair MAC - Mobile Aquatic Chair

  • For use in aquatic environments with a powder coated stainless steel frame to resist corrosion.
  • The rigid roto-molded plastic seat aids in user transfer by providing a stable platform.

Our Price: $2,589.00
PAL-Portable Aquatic Pool Lift PAL-Portable Aquatic Pool Lift

  • Fully ADA compliant Pool Lift (w/Secure-It-Kit)
  • No need to mount into a pool deck, this lift is completely portable.

Our Price: $9,775.00
X-Treme Trail Climber 24 Lithium Powered Electric Mountain Bicycle X-Treme Trail Climber 24 24v Lithium Powered Electric Mountain Bicycle

  • This e-bike runs at 24 volts and has a 300 watt rear hub motor that gives the bike extended range and comfortable acceleration up to 20mph. It even has the power to get over most hills.

Our Price: $1,299.00