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Wheelchair Modular Ramps

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PVI Rear Door Van Ramp PVI Rear Door Van Ramp

  • Vehicle Requirements: A minimum of 34" for the inside door opening is required for this ramp.
  • The simple installation may be done by one person and three sections are manually operated with a spring assist.

Our Price: $809.98
EZ-Access Modular Ramp (w/ Handrails) EZ Access Modular Ramp 36" (w/ Handrails)

  • Meets or exceeds ADA wheelchair ramp specifications, guidelines and requirements
  • Fast and Easy modular handicapped ramp installation.

Our Price: $956.00
PVI Modular XP Ramp with Handrails, 36 Inches Wide PVI Modular XP Ramp (w/ Handrails) 36 Inches Wide

  • The EZ-Access Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp features a single fold design and works as a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised landings with ease.

  • Improves safety and securing while using scooters, wheelchairs, walkers and canes.

Our Price: $1,565.00

Van and Modular Wheelchair Ramps are ramps used to enter the home or van. Van ramps are portable and can travel in the trunk. Modular Wheelchair Ramps can be permanently installed.